‘Amazing Race’ host Phil Keoghan revved up for Emmy races [Video]

The Amazing Race” host Phil Keoghan admits that after winning for seven years in a row losing the Emmy last year to “Top Chef” was a shock. However, he says, “It’s only made us hungrier to try to make the show as good as we can make it. For us, we just took it like ‘OK, we’ve got to lift our game even more.'” 


The Amazing Race” had owned the Reality Competition award since it was introduced in 2003. The show follows pairs of contestants who travel the world completing complicated tasks and hair-raising stunts in the hope of avoiding elimination. Keoghan told Gold Derby, “I wish there was a behind-the-scenes special on how the show was made because I think it would really shock people; people would be genuinely shocked if they saw just what happens, [and] just the length of time it takes to make an entire season.”

As he revealed to senior editors Rob Licuria and Chris Beachum, “it takes 23 days to shoot 12 shows … [which] means that people are operating with sleep deprivation and under tremendous pressure and you don’t know what the weather is going to do, and you don’t know what’s going to happen politically in a place where we are, whether the permits are going to [be valid], and whether someone’s going to kick us out…” Indeed, Keoghan says that last season, “in one day the whole world turned upside down in the place that we were at and we had to pull together our show … and the race kept rolling [even though] we had to completely change course; quite literally change course. And it’s a testament to the skill level of the people that we have on the show.”

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Phil Keoghan has contended for Best Reality Host for all three yers of that category, always losing to Jeff Probst (“Survivor”).  Keoghan says the toughest part of the job, “is just getting there and being awake and having some synapses that are able to fire to be able to host this show.” He sees his role as being completely different to that of his competitors: “What I do on camera, that’s not the real test of being able to host this show. It’s much more about stamina, resilience, working under pressure, having to write stuff on the fly [and] having to gather information.”

Keoghan made mention of first-time nominee Cat Deeley (“So You Think You Can Dance”). “What’s interesting about Cat is … ten years ago, when I started hosting in network television … there was some concern about me having an accent on a network television show … [where executives would say] ‘Oh, he’s got an accent, he’s from New Zealand!’ … you’ve got all these foreign voices in network primetime television now. I don’t know if anybody would’ve imagined that a Kiwi and an Englishwoman would be nominated in the host category! I don’t think they saw that coming!”


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