Can Emmy loser Steve Carell make a Golden Globe comeback?

Gold Derby is the first to admit that we all had egg on our faces the night of the Primetime Emmy Awards. Steve Carell was the frontrunner by a mile to win his first (and last) trophy for playing ignorant boss Michael Scott on his final season of “The Office,” with staggering 1/10 odds and the unanimous support of all our experts and editors. Apparently Emmy voters didn’t get that memo. They instead rewarded Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory“) his second Emmy and created a huge upset in the Best Comedy Actor race.

The Emmys may not like Carell enough to give him the win, but the Golden Globe Awards are a different entity altogether. The TV critics of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association let Carell win his inaugural race in 2006, then nominated him five more times. If he wins a Globe for his parting season, he’ll have a nice pair of bookends to offset his absence of Emmys.

The Golden Globes elibility period is January 2011 through December 2011, meaning that only half of Carell’s last season is up for contention. But it’s a great half. Carell shines in his final group of episodes, from the moment he proposes to girlfriend Holly (Amy Ryan) to his emotional series goodbye.

If Carell claims victory, he wouldn’t be the first departing star to do so at the Globes. When Michael J. Fox left “Spin City,” the Globes honored him with a nice parting gift in 2000. Ironically, Fox’s replacement Charlie Sheen was honored as well with his own Globe in 2002. The new star of “The Office” is James Spader, so it wouldn’t be a shock at all to see his name alongside Carell’s when the Golden Globe nominations are announced on Thursday, December 15th.

Who could forgot Carell’s hilarious 2006 Golden Globe acceptance speech which was supposedly written by his wife “loving wife” Nancy? Watch the clip below.

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