Can George Clooney win record five Oscars?

George Clooney could land as much face time at the Oscars as host Eddie Murphy if the Hollywood gods decide to break a record or two this year.


The gorgeous one has a plausible outside chance of picking up five golden gongs — one more than Walt Disney‘s 1953 haul — to become Tinseltown’s ultimate single-year winner. And, irony of ironies, his own film could be the difference between matching Disney’s four and going one better.

As it stands, Clooney is a pretty safe bet to land nominations for Best Actor (“The Descendants“), Best Supporting Actor (“The Ides of March“) and Best Screenplay (“The Ides of March“) and he has a chance of landing a Best Director nod for “Ides.” Now, just imagine if the Oscar voters name that film among their 10 Best Pictures, along with “The Descendants” – which is another pretty safe wager at this point! It’ll be game on for the record books.

Unfortunately for our hero, the buzz around “Descendants” is louder than the cries for “Ides” as an Oscar winner, with most pundits picking the Alexander Payne drama over the political powerhouse.

But just imagine for a minute what would happen if Clooney scored a high five at the Oscars and went one better than King Walt or even matched Mr. Disney with four. Perhaps all us movie writers should gather outside his home and carry him aloft through the streets. That really would be some achievement.

Even if the great George ‘only’ wins a hat-trick of gongs next year, he’ll be in the company of multiple men like Peter Jackson, Billy Wilder, James Cameron, the Coens and Francis Ford Coppola — but they all won three golds for one film!

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Isn’t it about time we really had a walloping great headline at the Oscars? And, after Anne Hathaway and James Franco sucked all the air out of the golden night this year, wouldn’t Mr. Clooney and Mr. Murphy be the perfect one-two punch to bring the Academy Awards back to greatness?

Is there anyone out there who would be even the slightest bit miffed if our man won them all? Let’s start the chant now: ‘Clooney, Clooney, Clooney …’

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