Can ‘How I Met Your Mother’ get back in Emmys top race? [Video]

Is “How I Met Your Mother” the new “Night Court”? Sometimes TV shows get nominated for best series at the Emmys, then disappear, then, yikes, return. That’s what happened to “Night Court” in 1987. Poof! It suddenly made a big comeback among the nominees for Best Comedy Series after being skipped over in 1986. “How I Met Your Mother” last made the list in 2009, then got benched last year. Will it be back?

Many Emmy pundits think it may. “How I Met Your Mother” had a strong year creatively that saw Marshall (Jason Segel) deal with the death of his father, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) reconnect with his dad and Lilly (Alyson Hannigan) struggle to conceive. “This was, in many ways, our most dramatic year,” series co-creator Craig Thomas tells Gold Derby. “But that’s where the best comedy comes from. Maybe it will mean we don’t get nominated, but essentially it will reflect the year we did.”

When “How I Met Your Mother” snagged a bid for best comedy in 2009, it was significant. “I think we were the only multi-camera show nominated that year, so it was a real honor to represent that form,” Thomas says. In fact, “How I Met Your Mother” is the only multi-camera comedy to be nominated in the last two years.

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Looking forward, Thomas isn’t afraid of the challenges ahead – particularly the big reveal promised by the series’ title. That is: So just how does Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) end up meeting the mother of his son and daughter? Thomas insists that what’s really important is the path they take. “This show’s about the journey to get there,” he says, but he realizes that series’ fans have high expectations about where it all leads.

“When we finally answer who the mother is, we’re preparing on going into hiding in some remote part of the world like abominable snowman style,” he says.


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