Can Julianna Margulies finally win Drama Actress Emmy after five losses? [Video]

“The day [this] get’s old I should probably retire!” laughed Julianna Margulies discussing her second consecutive bid for Best Drama Actress for the hit legal drama series “The Good Wife.” “It’s always very exciting” she added, noting, “the nomination itself to me is, a testament just that people are aware of our show and are watching it and are loving what they’re seeing, so it’s a big compliment.”


Talking with senior editors Chris Beachum and Rob Licuria, Julianna also looked back on her celebrated career and her impressive awards pedigree. She won her only Emmy for Drama Supporting Actress in 1995 with the first of her six nominations (two in supporting and four in lead) for her role as Carol Hathaway on long-running hit medical drama “ER.”

“I actually remember the exact moment when they said my name because they had drilled into us that we only had 30 seconds to speak if you won, and I remember thinking, when they called my name, ‘well it’s going to take me 30 seconds to get from my seat to the podium’, and I got so confused as to how much time I had,” she recalled. “I just remember floating up there; I couldn’t feel my feet on the ground and seeing David Duchovny hand me my Emmy” she laughed, adding she repeated to herself “just focus on his eyes, just focus on his eyes, and just get it out and get off the stage!”

On holding the record for most wins at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Julianna is “flabbergasted” and “dumbfounded,” adding that the SAG Award “for my money, that’s the award. When your peers are the ones voting, and they are voting on a body of work, that’s the one that means the most … to me [it’s] the heart of this industry.”

Margulies was favored to win at last year’s Emmys after claiming that SAG Award (as well as the Golden Globe) but lost to Kyra Sedgwick (“The Closer”), who finally prevailed on her fifth attempt. Margulies’ episode submission (“Threesome”) was not judged to be her best showcase. This year she has entered “In Sickness,” the powerful third-to-last episode of the acclaimed second season of “The Good Wife.” Our editors and readers view this as a big improvement and she is the frontrunner among the six nominees for Best Drama Actress.

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On the difficult process of choosing the right episode submission this year, Julianna was conscious, “as a lead actress … I wanted to have an episode that pretty much embodied every facet of my character.” And, she noted, “I don’t play a flashy character, she’s not flashy; she’s WASPy, she represses a lot of her stuff; most of her reactions are just in her looks, not her words, so I tried to pick an episode that was a little louder, perhaps, than she normally is.” The episode focuses on the fallout of Alicia discovering her colleague and close friend Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) had once slept with her husband Peter (Chris Noth).


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