Can ‘OLTL’ ingenue Kristen Alderson finally get an Emmy nod?

Kristin Alderson was only six years old when she landed the role of Starr Manning on “One Life To Live” in 1998 and she’s been a fan favorite ever since. Her layered work as the daughter of two of the show’s most complex characters —  Todd Manning (Roger Howarth, Trevor St. John) and Blair Cramer (Kassie De Paiva) — has earned her considerable praise from the critics but she has yet to net a single Daytime Emmy nomination. And with Thursday’s news that ABC has cancelled the long-running serial as of next January, Alderson only has two more chances to contend.

From the outset, the writers forged a strong bond between Starr and her father, first played by Howarth, as the pint-sized pre-pubescent terror would do her daddy’s bidding. She also adored Asa Buchanan (Phil Carey), a tough-talking Texan businessman, and would help him taunt Max Holden (James DePaiva).

In 2001, Alderson made history as the youngest contract player in daytime television. Over the past decade, the actress has crafted a character who has had to deal with the shortfalls of her father time and again. While she may not always do the right thing, Starr has won over the hearts of viewers. It remains to be seen whether Alderson can finally do the same with Daytime Emmy voters.

Since the pre-nomination ballot was introduced in 2003, Alderson has qualified every year but last when Farrah Fath (Gigi) and Crystal Hunt (Stacey) represented “OLTL.” However, she has yet to overcome her show’s shockingly poor record in this race to land a nomination. Only two ingenues from “One Life to Live” have even contended. Back in 1988, Andrea Evans (Tina Lord) lost to Julianne Moore for her work as Frannie and Sabrina Hughes on “As The World Turns.” And in 2000, Erin Torpey (Jessica Buchanan) was bested by “Y&R’” younger actress Camryn Grimes as Cassie Newman. 

From the time this award was created in 1985 to recognize the achievements of actresses under the age of 25, “General Hospital” has claimed it six times — Kimberly McCoullagh (1989, 1996), Sarah Brown (1997, 1998) and Julie Berman (2009, 2010).  “Y&R” and “ATWT” are tied with five victories each. The “Y&R” winners were Tracey E. Bergman (1985), Tricia Cast (1992), Heather Tom (1993, 1999) and Camryn Grimes (2000). For “As The World Turns” victories came for Martha Byrne (1987), Julianne Moore (1988) and Jennifer Landon (2006 – 2008).

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