Can ‘The Big Bang Theory’s’ Johnny Galecki finally get an Emmy bid?

The Big Bang Theory” may explode at the Emmys this year. When Jim Parsons won Best Comedy Actor last year, it proved that the show has Emmy momentum. Now can it finally get nominated for best Comedy Series? Can costar Johnny Galecki get his overdue bid?

Galecki had huge face time on “The Big Bang Theory” this year and his character went through major emotional development as Leonard became torn between two lovers — his ex Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and his pal Raj’s (Kunal Nayyar) sister Priya (Aartie Mann).

“He had his heart shattered,” Galecki tells Gold Derby senior editors Chris Beachum and Rob Licuria in a webcam chat. “That changes you. I thought there was some license there to mature him. It didn’t feel honest to remain the same guy after that.”

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This laffer about mismatched roommates is reminiscent of “The Odd Couple.” That TV adaptation of the Neil Simon play ran for five years and both Tony Randall (finicky Felix) and Jack Klugman (slovenly Oscar) contended for Comedy Actor each year. Klugman won in 1971 and 1973 while Randall prevailed for the final season in 1975, saying in his acceptance speech, “Thank you. Now, if I only had a job.”


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