Can Watson win ‘Jeopardy’ an Emmy after four-year drought?

This week, “Jeopardy” showcased a tournament that pitted two of the show’s top champs — Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter — against the IBM computer dubbed Watson. The computer came out on top, with its total winnings of $77,147 far exceeding those of Jennings ($24,000) and Rutter ($21,600).

The interest generated by the stuntthere is even an e-book in the offing — could bring renewed attention to the classic game show from Emmy voters. “Jeopardy” used to own the Best Game Show category at the Daytime Emmys. It began a six-year winning streak in 1990, then picked up the prize again in 1998 and again from 2002 to 2006 with the exception of 2004 when “The Price is Right” won.

“The Price is Right” also claimed the prize in 2007 for longtime host Bob Barker‘s final season. For the last three years in a row, “Jeopardy” has lost the race to the low- tech “Cash Cab” which airs on the cablecaster Discovery Channel.

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