Connie Britton on different directions of ‘American Horror Story,’ ‘Friday Night Lights’ (Video)

It’s been quite a busy year for Connie Britton. In February, the final episode of “Friday Night Lights” aired on DirecTV and in July she earned her second consecutive Emmy bid for Best Drama Actress. Now she headlines the new hit FX series “American Horror Story” opposite Dylan McDermott and Jessica Lange.

These two shows couldn’t be more different. “Friday Night Lights” was a heartwarming family drama about a football-obsessed Texas town while “American Horror Story” is an eerie drama set in a haunted house. As Connie explains to Gold Derby senior editor Adam Waldowski, “‘Friday Night Lights’ was such an amazing, complete experience, so I just wanted to do something that was just gonna go in the other direction. And ‘American Horror Story’ has done that in every way possible.”

The transition from playing an assertive guidance counselor on “Friday Night Lights” to a neglected housewife with a cheating husband on “American Horror Story” has attracted critics’ attention. Slant Magazine‘s Philip Maciak raves, “Britton plays Vivian Harmon with the same intelligence, grit, and effortless sex appeal she brought to her role as Mrs. Coach, pushing here into a darker representation of female strength.”

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“American Horror Story” could sweep the Globes given how well co-creator Ryan Murphy‘s shows “Nip/Tuck” and “Glee” have fared with the HFPA in the past. Connie, who could reap dual Best Drama Actress bids says, “If that were to happen, it would be incredible. But I would be happy with them considering either one of the shows.”

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