Daytime Emmys Spotlight: Jonathan Jackson likely to be ‘Lucky’ again

When Genie Francis and Anthony Geary returned to “General Hospital” in 1993, they brought along an unexpected surprise — a son named Lucky Spencer. Jonathan Jackson played the part and despite being only ten years old he soon become one of the most lauded actors in the industry. 

Jackson reaped an amazing seven consecutive nominations and three wins as Best Younger Actor (1993, 1998 and 1999) at the Daytime Emmys. His character was wiser than his years, with life experiences that gave him an old soul. 

After leaving the show in 1999, he starred in a string of films before returning to the show in 2009. He earned a Best Supporting Actor nomination last year and is a sure bet to contend again this year.

On the January 25th installment of “General Hospital,” Jackson combined genuine anger, fear and hatred in one unforgettable scene. Lucky, who has always been the good guy, released years of pent-up frustration and venom after learning that his fiancée Elizabeth Webber had been carrying on with his half-brother Nikolas.

Jackson’s acting rivalled that of the iconic performance of Judith Light on “One Life To Live” in the 1980s.The look of anguish, disgust and hostility on Jackson’s face was undeniable and the use of his full body to display this was masterful acting. In this superlative episode, Lucky goes from disbelief to confronting his fiancée and brother, for the first time standing up to Elizabeth as she attempts to use their children to get her way.

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