Daytime Emmys Spotlight: Melody Thomas Scott

Melody Thomas Scott is one of the longest-running performers on “The Young & the Restless” having taken over the role of Nikki Reed Newman from an unknown actress Erica Hope, who last only six months in the role from 1978 until 1979. Thomas Scott was given a mighty task this past year — to take one of soap opera’s biggest clichés, the alcoholism storyline and turn it into something memorable and believable. 

During the course of the last year we saw Nikki struggling to keep her newly rekindled romance with Victor Newman, her ex-husband afloat, even with the interference of an interloper named Meggie. In one of the most powerful parts of this storyline, Meggie, trying to win over Victor has been spiking Nikki’s beverages to make it appear that she has been drinking. Poor Nikki eventually decides to get help and Meggie arranges it so that Nikki is in the same rehab with Deacon Sharpe, her drinking buddy. She convinces Nikki she has cheated on Victor with Deacon, and eventually she does.

The harrowing expressions of guilt, pain and disappointment that Thomas Scott wove into these scenes are remarkable. However, she faces an uphill battle to finally win an Emmy. She has only one previous bid, back in 1999, which she lost to Susan Lucci in her historical victory. She has only managed to win over her cast enough to make it to the pre-nom round twice — in 2005 and 2008. Former “Y&R” star Victoria Rowell has accused the cast of playing favorites instead of voting fairly as the same names are chosen repeatedly: Sharon Case, Jeanne Cooper and Michelle Stafford.

Photo: Melody Thomas Scott at the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (NATAS)

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