Does cliffhanger ending help or hurt Emmy chances for ‘The Killing’? [Poll]

Who killed Rosie Larsen? While that question was the focus of the first season of The Killing,” viewers tuning into Sunday’s finale didn’t get the answer. Rather, they saw Councilman Richmond (Billy Campbell) end the episode with a gun to his head while Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman) became embroiled in a coverup.

In 1990, the similarily-themed “Twin Peaks” was a critical and ratings success. It also ended its first season on a cliffhanger and reaped fourteen Emmy nominations including Best Drama Series. However, after it solved the murder of Laura Palmer in the second season, ratings nosedived and it was soon cancelled.

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The finale of “The Killing,” which was the 13th episode of the hit AMC crime drama, has been submitted for Best Writing. However, Emmy voters tend to reward the pilot episode of any new series they choose to embrace (e.g., “Mad Men,” “24,” “Lost,” and “Six Feet Under“). And though the finale, entitled “Orpheus Descending,” included an emotional performance from leading lady Mireille Enos, she is more likely to submit episode number 11, “Missing,” in which the murder investigation is put on hold after the disappearance of her teenage son.

Will the lack of resolution turn off Emmy voters invested in “The Killing”? Or will it leave them wanting more? As the deadline for returning ballots is this Friday, there’s not much time for them to make up their minds.


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