Emmys 2012: Should comedy supporting winners Burrell and Bowen go lead?

At this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards, “Modern Family” crushed its comedy competition, winning all five categories in which it had nominations: Best Comedy Series, Best Writing (Steve Levitan and Jeffrey Richman), Best Directing (Michael Alan Spiller), Best Supporting Actor (Ty Burrell) and Best Supporting Actress (Julie Bowen). The fact that Emmy voters so fell in love with this family comedy makes one wonder, if Bowen and Burrell had competed in the lead races instead, could they have reaped two additional trophies?

Like “Friends” before them, the six adult cast members of “Modern Family” have all agreed to compete together in the supporting races. This move paid off for Eric Stonestreet last year and the Burrell-Bowen twosome this year, leaving only Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O’Neill and Sofia Vergara still in the hunt for a statue. Looking ahead, if Burrell and Bowen promote themselves to the lead races in 2012, that would open the door for one of these also-rans to prevail and it could propel the series to four acting wins.

We posed this question to our savvy users in Gold Derby’s Emmy forum, and here’s a selection of their responses. Do you agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments section below or come join the debate in the forum!

efficiency: No, they have no more screen time than the other 4 actors. And besides I doubt that next year Modern Family would be able to win 4 acting awards anyway.

btimp: I think Burrell and Bowen should stay in the supporting categories. I don`t consider either of them to be a lead on the show. If they did go lead, I think their chances of winning another emmy would be less.

Psychadelicboy33: I wouldn’t mind it if they moved to lead, only if they are the real main leads on the show.

iskolar: Nope. The whole cast benefits from multiple submissions in the Supporting categories. They can use that as a strategy to spread the wins to the remaining Emmyless cast.

EmmyLoser: I’ve always been a fan of the idea that some of them should go lead, but I don’t think Ty Burrell should. My vote would be for Julie Bowen and Ed O’Neill. It just feels easier on the system that way.

OLTLfan: They should all stay in supporting. They genuinely belong there plus strategically it could pay off big-time. I’d love it if the cast bands together and submits 4 strong Ed O’Neil episodes and two strong Sofia Vergara ones so the Pritchetts can win matching Emmys next year like the Dunphys did this year.

FNLFan89: When a show takes up half the supporting acting slots, why move? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

MissyGal: If they never want to win another Emmy for Modern Family, then yes, they should totally move into the lead categories.  

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