Energetic Danny Pudi opposite of emotionless Abed on ‘Community’ [Video]

Danny Pudi is animated and energetic, fast-talking and funny, indeed the polar opposite of the character he plays on Community.” As he tells Gold Derby “That’s what is fun about it…I get to be this canvas in this wacky, wacky world. I tell people that Abed has emotions as much as anybody else. They’re manifested differently … not smiling or as vocal. If I smile (on the show), the bloggers erupt!”.

Stylistically, “Community” changes from week to week adopting themes such as space films, westerns, monster movies, mysteries, and documentaries. Of those shifts, Pudi says, “I’ve always dreamed of being part of something that has a lot of variety. The great thing about our show is that it could go anywhere. The fact that we did a stop-motion (animation) episode…a Dungeons & Dragons episode…creating a world at Greendale where anything can happen.”

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Our experts and editors place Pudi among the strongest contenders for a supporting comedy actor bid. If nominated, the actor plans to submit the episode “Critical Film Studies” to the judging panel. Pudi describes it  as “the most challenging” of the season and adds, “It was such an interesting and bold idea. I am still shocked that we got away with it, because it is literally two characters talking about ‘Cougar Town.’ We get to do really silly stuff, but it is very grounded with the discovery that they have fears and opening up to each other.”


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