Four-way tie for Gold Derby editors’ Oscars panel

Along with our 22 experts, the nine editors of Gold Derby got into the predicting game for this year’s Oscar nominations. (See the experts’ results here.)

There was no breakout winner for correct predictions, but instead a four-way tie for first place. Congratulations to Chris Beachum, Darrin Dortch, Andrew Pickett, and David Schnelwar, who all guessed 30 out of a possible 35.

For the most part, the surprise nominations that tripped up the experts also caught the editors by surprise. Supporting Actor nominee John Hawkes (“Winter’s Bone”), Lead Actress nominee Michelle Williams (“Blue Valentine”), and Directors Joel and Ethan Coen (“True Grit”) all received the lowest number of votes. Interestingly enough, five editors incorrectly predicted Hailee Steinfeld would get nominated as Lead Actress, but only one (David Schnelwar) foresaw her nom in the supporting category.

Our editors are Chris Beachum, Matthew Cormier, Marcus Dixon, Darrin Dortch, Rob Licuria, Matt Noble, Andrew Pickett, David Schnelwar, and Ben Scuglia. To see their individual nominations, click here.

Here is how each of Gold Derby’s editors fared with nominations:

30 correct — Chris Beachum, Darrin Dortch, Andrew Pickett, David Schnelwar

29 correct –- Marcus Dixon, Rob Licuria

28 correct — Matthew Cormier, Matt Noble, Ben Scuglia

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