Emmy anthem: ‘Loser like “Glee”‘ … and Buffy and the Fonz

Cheer up, “Glee” fans. Even though your beloved TV program lost Best Comedy Series at the Emmys last year to “Modern Family,” it’s in good company. Many great TV shows and stars have been cruelly, and undeservedly, snubbed at the Emmys. Our cheeky senior editor Matt Noble spells it out for you – in song, of course. OK, it’s more like really, really bad karaoke, but, come on, you gotta have a sense a humor about all this. There are lots of great jokes in Matt’s lyrics. See below so you can follow along while watching the video.

Yeah, you may want me to win zero
But, hey, everyone that’s on TV
doesn’t win a big Emmy
You may say that it’s you who knows
But, hey, over 63 years’ time
There’s been a  lot of Emmy crimes

All of the hurt you threw Lansbury’s way
Hard for “Murder, She Wrote” to take, that’s right
And George Costanza never heard you scream his name
No Emmy for you!


Just go ahead hate on Buffy and snub her show
George Clooney had no fun
Peter Boyle  never won for loving “Raymond”
No “Married With Children”
And you guys even snubbed the Fonz
You wanna be
You wanna be
A loser like “Glee”
A loser like “Glee”

Emmy’s a pretty sexy lady
But, hey, look at all those dames
That the Emmy just won’t name
Veronica Hamel, “Malcolm’s” Jane,
Lauren Graham, “Alias’” Garner,
“Ally McBeal’s” Calista

You’ve missed TV greats, for goodness sake,
Like Cliff Clavin and Col. Blake, that’s right
And Prez Martin Sheen did not get a single thing
Even though ya loved “West Wing”

Hey, Emmys, over there
Some time it seems like you’re just not fair
Hey, Emmys, over there
Here’s some series where you did not care:
“Larry Sanders Show,” “The Shield” and “The Wire,”
“Sports Night,” “Hogan’s Heroes,” “Six Feet Under”
And then there’s “Pushing Daisies”
Yet somehow you found room for “The Monkees”?

No one won from the “Arrested Development” cast
Not even Will Arnett
Andy Griffith always finished in last
Not a big enough star?
And don’t get the fan boys started on “Battlestar Galactica”
You wanna be
You wanna be
A loser like “Glee”
A loser like “Glee”
A loser like “Glee”
A loser like “Glee”

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