Gold Derby editor Andrew Pickett triumphs with 20 out of 24 Oscars predictions

The nine editors of Gold Derby faced off against 28 tough pro awards pundits to predict the winners in all 24 competitive Oscar races. Congratulations to Andrew Pickett, the night’s best prognosticator with 20 correct. Not only did Pickett pull out in front of the other editors, he also emerged victorious against the experts, including their champ Pete Hammond who correctly forecast 19 winners.

Pickett’s defining moment came with the announcement of Tom Hooper (“The King’s Speech”) as Best Director. Pickett stood alone in this prediction, with all of the other editors choosing David Fincher (“The Social Network”). Perhaps the editors should have known better: since the Directors Guild of America began handing out awards in 1949, the winner has matched up with the Academy every year, with only six exceptions. Hooper won at DGA, while Fincher was an also-ran.

Below is the final tally for all of Gold Derby’s editors. For all of their individual predictions, click here. And to read Gold Derby’s live blog of the Oscars ceremony, click here.

20 correct
Andrew Pickett

18 correct
Matthew Cormier

17 correct
Darrin Dortch, David Schnelwar

16 correct
Rob Licuria, Matthew Noble

15 correct
Marcus Dixon

14 correct
Chris Beachum

12 correct
Ben Scuglia

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