Gold Derby Nuggets: January 8

Nicole Sperling wonders “Why is Helen Mirren the only over-50 lead actress Oscar winner in the last 15 years?” As she observes, these more mature women have gone down to defeat: “Meryl Streep, who in that same period was nominated five times but has always lost out to her younger competition, including Sandra Bullock last year and Gwyneth Paltrow, who beat her in 1998 for her role in ‘Shakespeare in Love.’ Not Julie Christie, who lost out twice — to Marion Cotillard in 2007 and Helen Hunt in 1997. And not Judi Dench, who was beaten by Reese Witherspoon in 2005 and also by Hunt in 1997.” AWARDS TRACKER

Joel and Ethan Coen tackled their first Western with the hit remake of the 1969 Oscar-winning “True Grit.” And, as they told Christian Blauvelt, their all-time favorites in the genre include “Once Upon a Time in the West” (Sergio Leone movie. Good hat brims.) and “The Outlaw Josey Wales” (Clint Eastwood movie from the 1970s, when the major studios were, on the evidence here, less uptight.) ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

At Thursday’s DVD launch of “The Social Network,” Tim Appelo chatted with Supporting Actor contender Andrew Garfield who admitted he broke his rule of never watching his own movies for this Oscar contender: “They made me watch that one.” THR

Kate Winslet stopped by the TCA winter session Friday to chat about her upcoming HBO mini-series “Mildred Pierce.” The recent Oscar champ (“The Reader”) quickly dismissed talk that one medium is better than the other.  As she told Kate Stanhope, “Film, schmilm, I’m telling you television is so much harder. It didn’t affect the work ethic in any way other than we had more story to tell, which was a luxury, and less time to work to that goal. But that just meant we were hyper-focused.” This retelling by Todd Haynes of the James Cain novel expands on what was in the 1945 movie that won Joan Crawford her only Oscar.  TV GUIDE

HBO has set premiere dates for its two spring mini-series: “Mildred Pierce” will begin its five-part run on March 27 while “Game of Thrones” starts on April 17. “Mildred Pierce” features Guy Pearce and Evan Rachel Wood opposite Winslet. The latter is based on the fantasy book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin who served as an executive producer on the TV adaptation starring Sean Bean, Emilia Clarke and Peter Dinklage. THR

Drew McWeeney is pleased that Trent Reznor will be reuniting with David Fincher to score his upcoming remake of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” As Drew writes, “I was surprised when they hired him for ‘The Social Network,’ but his score for that film is great, and a real confirmation of Reznor as someone who should be working on films. If he knocked an unlikely fit like the story of a bunch of Harvard kids inventing Facebook out of the park, imagine what he’s going to do with a story about criminal conspiracy and missing persons and old mysteries and murder and blackmail and rape and darkness.”  HITFIX

Christopher Tierney, who suffered life-threatening injuries during the Dec. 20 performance of “Turn Off the Dark,” attended the tuner just two days after being released from hospital on Jan. 5. As Andrew Gans reports, “The actor, who suffered a skull fracture and cracked vertebrae, among other injuries, wished his fellow cast members good luck prior to the performance and then enjoyed the new Julie Taymor musical from a seat in the orchestra.” PLAYBILL

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