Grammy poll: Were Justin Bieber and Drake robbed?

What’s up with those snobbish Grammy voters, eh? Never in the history of the recording academy has a male heartthrob star like Justin Bieber or a solo rapper like Drake ever won Best New Artist. Voters’ refusal to grant them trophies as the breakout stars of the year gets a bit much after a while. Heck, Justin Bieber was already voted Best New Artist by the American Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards. Why deny him the Grammy?

Consider these past races for the Best New Artist Grammy: 50 Cent lost to Evanescence (2004), Puff Daddy and Hanson lost to Paula Cole (1998). Some serious music fans might even get upset over the Backstreet Boys losing to Lauryn Hill (1999).

But this year Esparanza Spalding not only beat Justin Bieber and Drake, but two other music acts with much higher profile: Florence and the Machine and Mumford and Sons! Was her victory deserved? Or were voters just trying to prove how cool they are by hailing a relatively obscure jazz artist? Will this turn out to be one of those Paula Cole/ Marc Cohn/ Starland Vocal Band winners that will remembered as a joke in the future?

Photo: CBS

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