Is ‘Modern Family’ vulnerable in Best Comedy Series Emmys race?

All the GoldDerby editors are predicting “Modern Family” to repeat as Best Comedy Series as are a sizeable majority of our users. However, two recent champs —  “Arrested Development” (2004) and “The Office” (2006) — lost the following year despite increasing their nominations haul by four bids apiece. This year, “Modern Family” upped its total by three to 17 nominations, including bids by all six of the adult castmembers as well as three of the five director slots and a writing nod. 


Among its rivals, “30 Rock” won three in a row till last year’s loss. It can also boast of three lead Emmys and two writing awards making it the most winning laffer since “Frasier.” “30 Rock” certainly had a good season, earning 13 Emmy bids in total.  It submitted strong episodes including “Reaganing” and “When it Rains it Pours” although they may have erred by entering the live show. Could it be like “Everyone Loves Raymond” which won in 2003 and then again in 2005?

The Office” won in 2006. This year, the show generated buzz with the exit of Steve Carell. It submitted six top-notch episodes including “Goodbye Michael,” “Garage Sale” and “Threat Level Midnight.” However, “The Office” only warranted four Emmy nominations in all.

Glee” suffered from a sophomore slump and reaped seven fewer bids than last year earning an even dozen. It wisely entered episodes with strong storylines such as “Original Song” over novelty numbers like “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle” and the Britney Spears-themed episode. The only hour-long laffer to win the top comedy prize was “Ally McBeal” back in 1999.

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The Big Bang Theory” is the only multi-camera entry and is the top-rated among the nominees. While it entered strong episodes, it was snubbed for both bellwether awards — writing and directing — and has just five bids in all.

Parks and Recreation” submitted five very strong episodes but with only three nominations total, it will be difficult to pull off an upset.

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