Kunal Nayyar had surprise ‘Big Bang’ in season finale [Video]

What did Kunal Nayyar make of the big surprise in the fourth season finale “The Big Bang Theory“? “I think it’s a great twist for Raj’s character to be with Penny,” said Nayyar in a webcam chat with senior editors Rob Licuria and Chris Beachum. “His friendship to Leonard and the guys is very important, but equally as important is his maturation or stepping out into the real world. This is definitely a way to take that first step by making love to Penny.”

Nayyar plays Raj Koothrappali, an astrophysicist who is so shy he can’t even speak when women are present unless he is drunk. Of course, most of the time he need not worry because he is hanging out with his fellow scientist buddies Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Leonard (Johnny Galecki), and Howard (Simon Helberg). Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is the gorgeous blonde who lives across the hall and is the ex-girlfriend of Leonard.

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While this five-person ensemble had been the core of the hit CBS comedy for the first three seasons, this year three actresses were given recurring roles: Mayim Bialik is Amy, a possible match for Sheldon; Melissa Rauch is Bernadette, Howard’s new fiancee; and Aarti Mann is Priya, Raj’s visiting sister from India who is now dating Leonard.

Discussing the dynamic of adding new cast members, Nayyar said, “It happened so seamlessly. All three of them have been a delight to work with and very much a part of the family. Now I feel like Gandhi praising everyone, but I really do believe that.”

If nominated in the Supporting Actor category at the next Emmy Awards, Nayyar said he would most likely submit the episode “The Wildebeest Implementation” to the judging panel. The penultimate episode of the season has Raj taking a drug that loosens his inhibitions around women. It works so well that he gets completely undressed while on a date in a bar.


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