New York film critics gallop ahead to Nov. 28

The New York Film Critics Circle is so determined to be at the forefront of any discussion of the year’s best films that it will be announcing its winners on Nov. 28. That is three days prior to the National Board of Review which has traditionally been the first group to weigh in with winners. By shifting to the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend, the NYFCC is strategically placed to prevent any other group from jumping ahead of them on the awards calendar. 

Last year, the Circle unveiled its winners on Dec. 13 when “The Social Network” won Best Picture as it had with the NBR and the LA film critics (which preempted the Gotham group by one day). This film would go on to win over almost all of the critics associations before falling short at the Oscars. 

As the announcement notes, “the Circle’s awards are often viewed as harbingers of the Oscar nominations. The Circle’s awards are also viewed — perhaps more accurately — as a principled alternative to the Oscars, honoring aesthetic merit in a forum that is immune to commercial 
and political pressures.” Winners will be feted 43 days after being announced with a ceremony on Jan. 9.

John Anderson of both Variety and Newsday is chairman of the Circle while Time Out New York senior writer Joshua Rothkopf serves as his vice-Chairman in advance of taking over as chair next year. The Circle now numbers 43 members with the return of Amy Taubin (Film Comment) and the addition of Andrew O’ Hehir (Salon). 


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