News Nuggets: A very merry Muppet Oscars?

Could the Muppets step in to host the Oscars? “Supporters rallied on Twitter for their consideration, and now an official ‘The Muppets Should Host the 2012 Oscars’ campaign has been launched on Facebook. We offered up the idea of a Muppet-emceed Oscars in our possible host roundup yesterday, but would the reality of Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo at the dais be as enchanting as we want? Let’s consider that this Oscar campaign doubles as a publicity stunt ahead of ‘The Muppets’s’ November 23 premiere. The convenience makes me cynical about the fast-growing cause, but of course, this entire cause is based in cynicism: Those backing the campaign have the same mantra: ‘Well, that’s an Oscars I’d watch!’ Read: They’re not the regular Oscar viewership.” MOVIELINE

Perhaps Neil Patrick Harris should fill in as Oscars host: “An awards-show tease, he’s mastered everything but, and his Tonys and Emmys hosting gigs showed an élan we’d love to see on a bigger stage. Also, we love a good white dinner jacket.” VANITY FAIR

How do Oscar chances for “Midnight in Paris” look five months after its release: “… I’m hearing ‘Midnight in Paris’ at Oscar shindigs more often than I’m hearing the title of any other movie. Seriously just in the last few weeks I’ve heard it pop up in virtually every ‘what movie do you like?’ conversation. So I just went and locked it up on the Best Picture chart. (Shoulda done that with the last gold man column.) This seemingly widespread preference — though I have heard a few ‘eh, it was okay’s amidst the name checking — could simply be the fact that everyone has already seen it.” THE FILM EXPERIENCE

Hugo” gets a boost in the Oscar race: “No longer a work-in-progress (‘99.9%-finished,’ in Pete Hammond’s words) Martin Scorsese’s 3-D tribute to movies and movie-love set off a relative mushroom cloud of praise, with the likes of Sasha Stone writing ‘Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” is a lyrical dream, a film that pays homage to what is so transformative about cinema,’ and Steve Pond calling it ‘the most magical moviegoing experience I’ve had in a very long time.'” MOVIELINE

What were the best and worst moments of last night’s CMA Awards? “Best performance: Near the end of the show, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, and Vince Gill performed a touching medley of tunes in honor of country icon Glen Campbell, who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The seasoned veteran, clearly moved by the kind gesture, watched proudly from his seat, even giving the trio a thumbs-up when Paisley began to sing ‘Galveston.’ It was the night’s sweetest moment.” EW.COM

ABC will air the CMAs for ten more years: “In a competitive situation, ABC has signed a new 10-year deal with the Country Music Association to keep the CMA Awards on the network through 2021. The announcement was made hours before tonight’s broadcast of the 45th Annual CMA Awards on ABC. The awards show aired on NBC for its first four years, switching to CBS in 1972 for a 34-year run until ABC nabbed the rights in 2006.” DEADLINE

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