News Nuggets: Battle of the red-band trailers

Red band trailer for NC-17 rated “Shame” heats up the web: “Prepare to be scandalized, gentle viewers. The red band trailer for the Michael Fassbender film ‘Shame’ — which has been slapped with a rare NC-17 rating — has hit the Internet like 3.5 metric tons of lava-hot carnality to help give us all a boost from the post-Thanksgiving doldrums … Dive into the action in the video below, but WARNING — the clip is jam-packed with really sexy sex and totally naked nudity, so if you’re at work … close your office door. ‘Shame’ hits theaters for a limited release on Dec. 2.” THE WRAP

Young Adult” also offers a red-band sneak-peak, loaded with F-bombs: “Few things are better than a beautiful women saying the F-word. And few women are more beautiful than Charlize Theron. Thus, by the transitive property, the just-released red-band trailer for ‘Young Adult’ is in early contention for best non sequitur preview of the year. The fun starts when someone spills punch (or is it Sangria?) on Theron. Obscenity follows. This scene is made all the more poignant by the fact that the target of Theron’s rage is Elizabeth Reaser, the amnesia girl with the broken face from ‘Grey’s Anatomy.'” EW.COM

Seth Rogen reflects on his Independent Spirit nomination for producing “50/50“: “‘I kind of feel like I should apologize to everyone we’re nominated with,’ says Seth Rogen, nommed for a Spirit Award on Nov. 29 as producer of the cancer comedy ’50/50,’ which also nabbed a supporting nom for Anjelica Huston and best first screenplay nom for Will Reiser … ‘I feel like I’m trespassing in the indie world and they seem to have accepted it,’ he says. ‘I hope people don’t get mad at me for bringing my studio past into their world.'” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

The 2011 Britannia Awards are presented tonight: “They’re different than your typical American kudosfest, largely because it’s the Brits — the Los Angeles wing of BAFTA, specifically — who’re handing them out. And they’re — gasp! — untelevised. Plus, the awards — which are more lifetime achievement in style — are predetermined. This year, Warren Beatty, John Lasseter, David Yates, Helena Bonham Carter, and Ben Stiller are being honored, and presenters include Robin Williams, Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, and Jason Isaacs.” EW.COM

The Book of Mormon” is poised to turn a profit: “While there is suspicion that the year-old ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’ will have to run for decades to recoup its $75 million budget despite its glowing press, the same cannot be said of the Tony-winning ‘The Book Of Mormon.’ The musical by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone this week recouped its capitalization and will now begin pouring cash into the pockets of investors. This is hardly a surprise: the musical continues to be Broadway’s hot ticket, and it has broken the house record 22 times at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre since opening March 24.” DEADLINE

Glee” pursues Grammy-winner Ricky Martin: “‘Glee’ is in negotiations to get Ricky Martin to guest-star as a Spanish teacher, TV Line reports. Martin would have two big numbers in the episode, and his appearance would serve the dual purposes of building buzz for his run as Che in ‘Evita’ on Broadway and marking the apparent end of Ryan Murphy‘s grand no-big-guest-stars experiment. How many Spanish teachers does this show need? Mr. Schue is a Spanish teacher, and when he’s sick, Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) takes over. ¡Basta, Señor Murphy! Throw a math teacher a bone once in a while.” VULTURE

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