News Nuggets: Does ‘overdue’ status really help at the Oscars?

Does the overdue factor really help at the Oscars? “From Christopher Plummer with his career stretching back to ‘Sound of Music,’ to the equally legendary Max von Sydow, to five-time runner up Glenn Close, Albert Brooks, Nick Nolte, and the still never nominated Gary Oldman. With so much delayed Oscar justice poised to be dealt out it begs the question: How much is ‘overdue’ status really worth? … for all the importance placed on it I think it’s fair to say ‘overdue’ status is over-valued. It’s a bump. A nudge. A tie-breaker. Did it help Alan Arkin eke out a win over Eddie Murphy? Probably. Will it be good enough for Glenn Close to beat this year’s stiff Best Actress competition if ‘Albert Nobbs‘s’ reception remains lukewarm? Doubtful.” THE FILM EXPERIENCE

Harrison Ford joins Jackie Robinson biopic: “Harrison Ford has officially signed on to the role of Branch Rickey, the the Hall of Fame baseball executive who integrated the sport by promoting Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, Legendary Pictures announced today. Meanwhile a relatively unknown, up-and-coming young actor has landed the role of the iconic ballplayer … The lead role of Robinson goes to Chadwick Boseman, according to Legendary. It’s a big break for Boseman, who has had small roles in lots of TV shows, including ‘Justified,’ ‘Castle,’ and a supporting role in the 2008 football drama ‘The Express.'” EW.COM

Is the “Sunset Boulevard” stage musical headed for the big screen? “[Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber] has talked over the years about his hope to see a film version of the musical. The Daily Mail reports that Lloyd Webber may court his Broadway Norma Desmond, Tony winner Glenn Close, to return to the address of 10086 Sunset Boulevard for the film. Close earned raves for her take on the faded silent film star who dreams of a final burst of glory. ‘We’d rehearse and use a sound stage or a theatre and film it as a performance on stage,’ Lloyd Webber explained of his ideal plans for Sunset. The composer said … a design team would need to construct all of ‘Sunset Boulevard’ from scratch, totaling nearly £1.5 million.” PLAYBILL

Sacha Baron Cohen may join upcoming “Les Miserables” film: “Sacha Baron Cohen is in talks to play Monsieur Thénardier in director Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the musical, ‘Les Miserables.’ The British Press Association had reported that Cohen had been cast, buttressed by a tweet from comedian Matt Lucas, who played the same character on stage in London. ‘Sacha will be amazing in the “Les Mis” movie. He’s the funniest man in the world and a good friend. Am excited to see his Thenardier.'” EW.COM

Is another Throne album in the pipeline for 2012? “Are you ready to ‘Watch the Throne‘ again? With Jay-Z and Kanye West still riding high off the success of their summer masterpiece, the duo just may get back in the studio and give fans another dose, Hov revealed to MTV News. ‘It depends on how this thing finishes up,’ Jay said in reference to his and Kanye’s current ‘Watch the Throne’ Tour. ‘We — I say “we” because I’m in Throne mode — we’re in a great place creatively. You might see a Jay, then Kanye and a Throne album next year. You know, we’re really in a great place creatively. We really found our zone.'” MTV

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