News Nuggets: European Film Award nominees include ‘Melancholia’

The Adventures of Tintin” and “The Smurfs” are among eighteen films submitted for Oscar’s Best Animated Feature: “Academy rules state that as long as at least 16 films are submitted, then five will ultimately be nominated. (Last year, ‘Toy Story 3’ won the Oscar in a race of only three nominated movies.) It’s also worth noting that an animation/live-action hybrid like ‘The Smurfs’ has never been nominated in this category. A spokesperson for the Academy carefully explained that this is only a list of submitted films from the studios, and should not yet be interpreted as an endorsement that all the films have met the category’s criteria.” EW.COM

The Artist” and “Melancholia” are among the top nominees for the European Film Awards. See the fill list of nominees: EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS

Clint Eastwood is a four-time Oscar-winner, but is he overdue a Razzie Award? “The man is 81 and has directed some real howlers, from ‘Any Which Way But Loose’ to ‘Invictus.’ Count us among the Razzie experts who really thought last year was his year; ‘Hereafter,’ after all, was a metaphysical hash of half-baked ideas and ridiculous plot points, wrapped in a stomach-churning tsunami re-creation. But ‘Hereafter’ didn’t even get nominated! In fact — and I know this will be hard to believe — Clint has never been nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award, not even for ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.'” GRANTLAND

The Motion Picture Academy bestows seven screenwriting fellowships: “The Nicholl Fellowships were established in 1985 and are now chaired (and hosted) by new Academy governor Gale Anne Hurd, who told me she’s been on the Nicholl committee since 1989. Each of the writing fellows (or teams) will receive a $35,000 prize in order to continue developing their scripts (checks are handed out in installments with the understanding that the recipients will  complete a feature-length screenplay during their fellowship year), and the Academy is not involved otherwise commercially with the scripts in any way and holds no rights to them.” DEADLINE

The Academy pays tribute to Vanessa Redgrave in London: “A couple of things are unusual about the Academy Salute to Vanessa Redgrave, an AMPAS tribute evening (not to be confused with the Governors’ Awards) dedicated to the Oscar-winning British acting legend, and taking place next Sunday. For one thing, it’s being held in London … the first time one of these AMPAS Salutes has taken place outside the US … Furthermore, I can’t remember the last time one of these evenings — which have in recent years been held for the likes of Malcolm McDowell, Robert Evans and the late Hal Ashby — was staged for someone already in the thick of Oscar talk that year.” IN CONTENTION

Is “War Horse” movivng back into frontrunner position at the Oscars? “One week after ‘War Horse’ fell off the world-beating hype pace it had sustained for a month, jockey Steven Spielberg busted out his awards-narrative riding crop with the help of the The New York Times. The paper, which couldn’t secure an interview with the filmmaker/producer (he was reportedly busy shooting Lincoln, cough cough plug plug), nevertheless bolstered ‘Spielberg the Artist‘s’ double (or triple) shot of Oscar juice … Interview or not, the implication is clear: Spielberg wants it.” MOVIELINE

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