News Nuggets: Grammy nominations roundup

Justin Vernon (of Grammy nominated band Bon Iver) considers whether pursuit of awards compromises music: “I don’t think Arcade Fire was compromised, but 98 percent of the people in that room, their art is compromised by the fact that they’re thinking that, and that they’re hoping to get that award. And who is that award given by? It’s like they think it’s literally handed down by the musical-history gods. And I don’t know who the voters are. Like, I have a friend who’s a voter who was like, ‘I had to be a voter because I don’t trust the other voters.’ And I was like, ‘Me either!’ And it’s just not important and people spend too much time thinking about it.” NEW YORK TIMES

Can anyone defeat Adele at the Grammys? “‘She’s the coolest, most down-to-earth woman, and of course she has a voice like an angel and her album is incredible,’ Bruno Mars, who’s also up for six Grammys and is vying for album of the year with the singer, told CNN. Thinking about that, he joked, ‘Damn it, why am I up against Adele?!’ … Frankly, [Spin editor-in-chief Steve Kandell is] expecting the young star ‘to win everything that isn’t nailed down. … Every now and then there’s a juggernaut that’s the perfect mix of huge commercial success (the album recently went quadruple platinum) and critical acceptance.'” CNN

Skrillex‘s Grammy nominations surprise no one more than him: “A day after earning a whopping five nominations in total, the 23-year-old dance and dub-step producer is still taking it all in. ‘It just hasn’t really hit me yet,’ he said in a phone interview from Manchester, United Kingdom on Thursday. ‘I wouldn’t have thought I would come this far in so many ways.’ … The Los Angeles-based Skrillex, born Sonny Moore, may be best known for ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites‘ (he’s also a producer on Korn‘s new album, ‘The Path of Totality,’ out next week).” SF GATE

Understanding the subtle Grammy snubbing of Kanye West: “Could it be that voters were split between [‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘] and ‘Watch the Throne‘ and thus neither got on the ballot? Possible but, I think, unlikely that neither could get enough votes. Could it be that Grammy dislikes Kanye’s occasional bratty and petulant public displays and wouldn’t risk having him lose to Adele and saying or doing something to tarnish the whole affair? … But music has more than few tempestuous and irascible rapscallions who would also be penalized by their personality or lack thereof, so can this really be the main reason?” TIME

Harry Potter and Cole Porter will duke it out for Grammy glory: “The cast recordings of ‘The Book of Mormon,’ ‘Anything Goes‘ and ‘How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying‘ — an eclectic group of shows still going strong on Broadway — each earned Grammy nominations Wednesday night … ‘The Book of Mormon’ goes into the Grammy contest as the favorite, having already captured the best musical Tony Award among its haul of nine awards. Its cast album also hit the top 10 on Billboard’s pop charts, which hasn’t happened in decades. But [Robert] Lopez, who was last nominated for ‘Avenue Q,’ isn’t predicting victory quite yet. ‘I don’t make any assumptions,’ he said. ‘I thought we were in good shape going in with “Avenue Q” and we got smoked by “Wicked.”‘” ASSOCIATED PRESS

Funny ladies Tina Fey and Betty White go head-to-head for the Spoken Word Grammy: “Both actresses earned Grammy nominations Wednesday night for narrating the audiobook versions of their memoirs — Fey, 41, for ‘Bossypants,’ and White, 89, for ‘If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t).’ Both women, of course, have been nominated for — and won — a number of Emmys, but these are their first Grammy nods. There are three other nominees in the category — an audio dramatization of ‘The Mark of Zorro,’ featuring Val Kilmer, among others; a recording of ‘Hamlet’ by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival; and a collection of reminiscences by Beatles fans called ‘Fab Fan Memories: The Beatles Bond.'” CNN

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