News Nuggets: Movie moguls talk Oscars at Deadline event

Melissa Leo discusses her short-film Oscar hopeful “The Sea is All I Know”: “Any day now — perhaps any moment! — the Academy will release the 10-wide finalist list for the Best Live Action Short category at this year’s Oscars … Currently approximately 70 films are qualified so it’ll be a deep cut for that next-to-nominated list. One of the buzziest possibilities, though, is Jordan Bayne‘s ‘The Sea Is All I Know’ which stars the LEOgend herself, Oscar winner Melissa Leo. Director and star sat down together to speak about the film after a screening here in NYC to discuss the film.” THE FILM EXPERIENCE

David Fincher directs a music video for “Immigrant Song,” which is featured in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo“: “… a new David Fincher-directed video for the Karen OTrent Reznor cover of Led Zeppelin‘s ‘Immigrant Song’ has debuted online. As you may have guessed, it’s freaky, bizarre and completely awesome … Fincher, as you probably recall, got his start directing music videos for artists ranging from Madonna and Billy Idol to Paula Abdul and George Michael. Reznor and Atticus Ross — whose ‘Social Network’ score teaming won them an Oscar — wrote the music for ‘Dragon Tattoo,’ which you can purchase digitally right now.” MOVIEFONE

Musician goes online to secure her Grammy nomination: “The resourceful Linda Chorney secured a Grammy nomination in the category of Americana album for her self-produced, self-released ‘Emotional Jukebox’ by taking her mission directly to voters, employing the peer-to-peer function of the Recording Academy’s own site for members, Grammy 365. Many in the tight-knit Americana community have reacted quizzically, and sometimes vehemently, to Chorney’s nomination, which trumped several well-known artists in the genre. The virtually unknown Sea Bright, N.J.-based musician will face off on Feb. 12 against a field of nominees that has collectively garnered a total of 23 Grammys.” VARIETY

Movie moguls discuss the Oscars: “Jeff Robinov, Tom Rothman, Rob Moore, Stacey Snider, Harvey Weinstein, Rob Friedman, and [Jeffrey] Katzenberg demonstrated remarkable restraint as they talked, joked, and mused about the Oscars process today. Everyone was ribbing everyone, and a few zingers landed as well. There were so many studio bigwigs at the first day of Deadline Hollywood’s two-day ‘The Contenders’ event (which continues Sunday at 10 AM with still more moguls) that it became a running joke. Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond opened up the 2 PM ‘Moguls Panel’ by saying, ‘This kind of event has never been held before. You realize that, if a bomb dropped in here, Amy Pascal would own Hollywood.'” DEADLINE

Three-time Grammy nominee Jason Aldean discusses what he’ll do if he wins: “… although he has more than two months to prepare for the the awards ceremony, he already knows exactly what he’ll do if he actually wins a trophy. ‘ probably [hang it] around my neck,’ jokes Jason. ‘I just want to do like everybody else does, and put it up to their ear … I’ll probably sleep with it and everything.’ The 34-year-old acknowledges 2011 has been a big year for reasons other than the long-awaited industry recognition. He also kicked off his first headlining tour, My Kinda Party, which included booking several amphitheaters.” THE BOOT

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