News Nuggets: Redgrave feted; Streep vulnerable?

Nathaniel Rogers takes a look back at all the times Meryl Streep wasn’t nominated for an Oscar: “Every time I’ve floated the notion that Meryl Streep cannot be an Iron Lock for a Best Actress nomination since her film has not been seen, people object. ‘But Meryl is ALWAYS nominated,’ sayeth everyone. Not so, not so … There is no such thing as someone who is Oscar-nominated for everything they’ve ever done — unless they only made one film or their name is Stephen Daldry (three-for-three thus far in Best Director). Even James Dean, who famously received two post-humous Oscar nominations, was only nominated for 66% of his three iconic film roles.” THE FILM EXPERIENCE

Oscar-nominated “King’s Speech” and “American Beauty” editor Tariq Anwar gives a seminar in New York City: “… Anwar gave a very exciting and informative talk about this career and the art and craft of Film Editing last week in Manhattan. In conjunction with the enterprising Manhattan Edit Workshop, who annually hosts EditfestNY, the two day Film Editors Fest that attracts the likes of three time-Oscar winner Thelma Schoonmaker and many,many other industy professionals. Florence Gould Hall, part of the Alliance Francais on E.59th St., was packed with film editors, professionals, students and cinephiles galore, as Anwar, 66, gave them the very exciting benefit of his lifetime in the film business. And what a life in the editing room it’s been!” AWARDS DAILY

Vanessa Redgrave feted by the Academy in an unprecedented event: “The Academy’s invitation-only event, which was held at the Curzon Soho cinema complex, was introduced by former Academy president Sid Ganis, hosted by Sir David Hare, and attended by [James Earl] Jones, [Joely] Richardson, [Ralph] Fiennes … Meryl Streep … Jane FondaDame Eileen Atkins … and Liam Neeson … many of whom addressed the crowd about Redgrave during the ceremony.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

A new trailer premieres for “The Iron Lady“: “Underscored by Madness’s “Our House,” the trailer showcases the femininity that made Thatcher a standout politician (can you imagine Pierre Trudeau or Mikhail Gorbachev going for a spin on the dance floor with Ronald Reagan?) and conveys the conflict that arose from Thatcher’s dogged drive — the very same drive that led her to make history by becoming the U.K’s first female prime minister. Thatcher certainly owns the first half of the trailer, but Streep is the star of the second, as her sure-to-be-Oscar-nominated performance walks a tightrope between Thatcher’s tough-as-nails political persona and her personal vulnerability.” EW.COM

The hotly anticipated “Hunger Games,” starring Oscar-nominee Jennifer Lawrence, premieres its full trailer: “See the sad children of District 12, raising their limp arms in salute to Katniss. See Jennifer Lawrence, screaming as she’s led off by the secret police. See Elizabeth Banks, looking truly nutso in a hot pink new-Renaissance getup that makes up for the otherwise underwhelming Capitol scenes … The trailer doesn’t spend much time on the love triangle, so no read on how the Gale-Peeta-Katniss chemistry is working out, but really, when Katniss gets launched into the arena, do you even care?!” VULTURE

Scott Feinberg gives Melissa McCarthy a boost in his Oscar forecast: “True, the Emmy winner’s performance is not of the sort that usually registers with the Academy — but the same was true of Robert Downey Jr.‘s in ‘Tropic Thunder,’ and he made the cut. Likability matters, too, and McCarthy, like Downey, oozes it.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

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