News Nuggets: Ricky Gervais on his history with the Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais discusses his history with the Golden Globes: “To cut a long story short, the unthinkable happened and ‘The Office’ won the Golden Globe for best sitcom. I made a rambling impromptu speech and of course forgot the name of the organization that awarded the honor. Little did I know how many times my name would be linked with the Hollywood Foreign Press in the future. Moments after I won the Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy, I made another rambling speech and was swept off to do loads of interviews. I can’t remember any of them to be honest but I remember thinking it was one of the most surreal and important nights of my career. It still is.” HUFFINGTON POST

Identifying this year’s Oscar dark horses: “‘Beginners‘ will be in the Oscar mix for Christopher Plummer‘s Supporting Actor performance, but after it won at the Gothams and got nominated at the Indie Spirits, we were hoping some of the more major Oscar precursors would take note. Alas! Also left out in the cold by SAG, the BFCA, and the Golden Globes are ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo‘ and ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy‘ …” VULTURE

Discussing the Best Supporting Actress logjam: “Supporting Actress — which is a real clusterf*** to predict with 6 women doing superbly in precursors and 2 more super lauded performances waiting eagerly for a miracle stumble from one of those 6 — continues to be a total free for all among critics groups as I’ve illustrated with this map of the prizes thus far… so exciting! Would that more races would inspire this much healthy difference of opinion, art being subjective and all.” THE FILM EXPERIENCE

Was 2011 a watershed moment for cinematography? “Now, digital is the new normal. This needs to be accepted. It’s this transition that has manifested itself in the nostalgia of many of the movies I’ve noted above: [‘Martha Marcy May Marlene,’] with its long takes and its grungy seventies vibe, ‘The Artist‘ with its celebration of silent film, ‘War Horse‘ with its celebration of old-fashioned 1940s-style filmmaking, and ‘Hugo,’ which used modern 3D to pay homage to the dawn of movies. Movies will go on. The past will inspire the future. But the future will also need to stand on its own feet.” INDIEWIRE

Scott Feinberg wonders what happened to thirteen 2011 awards-season contenders that never were: “Some screened at festivals in search of a distributor but didn’t find one; others found a distributor, but the distributor decided it lacked the money, manpower or time to mount a campaign this year. Some had distributors before they were in the can and simply were not completed in time to be released this year; others were completed in time to be released this year, but their distributors had their hands full with other contenders and decided to hold them until next year.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Kenneth Branagh discusses Laurence Olivier‘s power issues with Marilyn Monroe: “Olivier had expectations that Marilyn would fall in love with him, either actually or with his genius, and that she would adore him. This was kind of planned when they met six months previously in New York, when she gave that idea of serving him. It came as a shock that very quickly she became indifferent to him because they couldn’t find a way to communicate. Also, her acting coach [Paula Strasberg, played by Zoe Wanamaker] undermined Olivier in front of all the people that saw him as a leader of the profession and minor royalty.” YAHOO!

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