News Nuggets Roundup: Arcade Fire among People’s Choice nominees

An early review of Jason Reitman‘s “Young Adult“: “On Wednesday the Landmark Edina Cinema was the site of the first U.S. audience screening of  ‘Young Adult,’ the new film from the ‘Juno’ team of Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody. The much-anticipated new collaboration shares some stylistic notes with their earlier effort — a pop-saturated soundtrack, a woman-child stuck between adolescence and adulthood, a droll appreciation of daily life in suburbia. It’s also a step in a new direction, both for the creative team and for movies, a mature and humane comedy centered on a misanthropic female antihero.” STAR TRIBUNE

Is this year strangely lacking in masterpieces? “2011 represents either the weakest year for great films in a while, or at least for those that have been released so far.  One can’t use Rotten Tomatoes for this because they don’t draw a hard enough line.  Ditto for the Critics Choice.  But Metacritic draws a hard enough line that we can look back at previous years to see if there were any very well reviewed films being released before the end of the year.  Where are those movies that start to hit the low to mid 90s on Metacritic?  Do we really have to wait until the end of the year to see them?” AWARDS DAILY

Stephen Gaghan, Oscar-winner for writing “Traffic,” returns to drugs for his next feature: “Gaghan has set up his next two directing projects, one covering the smuggling of cocaine from Mexico, the other human cargo from China. Gaghan, who last directed ‘Syriana,’ has made a deal with Warner Bros for an untitled Cartel Project; and he has made a deal with Flashlight Pictures to direct an independent drama based on the book ‘The Snakehead: An Epic Tale Of The Chinatown Underworld And The American Dream.'” DEADLINE

“Shakespeare in Love” takes the stage: “Tom Stoppard is apparently in talks to write a stage adaptation of the Oscar-winning 1998 movie for Disney Theatrical productions; nothing is set, though ‘Coast of Utopia’ director Jack O’Brien is also reportedly attached. Given that Stoppard, who wrote the movie’s screenplay, is an award-winning playwright, and also that the movie takes place almost entirely in a theater, Vulture feels fairly comfortable in declaring this a promising, if not totally original, idea.” VULTURE

Grammy-winning indie band Arcade Fire now up for a People’s Choice Award: “Back in February, Arcade Fire’s Grammy win for Album of the Year set off a firestorm of angry tweets from individuals who were less than familiar with the Canadian band … Well, Win Butler‘s days of public ridicule are over. Arcade Fire has somehow found itself in the running alongside OneRepublic (and Bon Iver, Radiohead, and Florence + the Machine, among others) for the decidedly mainstream People’s Choice Awards.” VULTURE

The Artist” star Berenice Bejo is picking up momentum for Best Supporting Actress: “You can basically transpose what was written about Jean Dujardin and Michael Shannon in Best Actor to their co-stars Bejo and [Jessica Chastain] — festival surges and continued critical goodwill (to say nothing of an early screener offensive in the latter case) helped them gain momentum. [Octavia Spencer] still remains the favorite, but Bejo’s extraordinary, Hollywood-influenced work may yet overtake her as those all-important critics’ awards and organizational events like the Gothams and NBR kick off earlier than ever on Nov. 28.” MOVIELINE

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