News Nuggets Roundup: Is ‘Tintin’ Oscar-eligible?

Steven Spielberg‘s “The Adventures of Tintin” faces Oscar eligibility questions: “Should a film made using the motion-capture technique qualify as an animated movie at the Oscars, or is it something else? Does the answer to that last question change if Steven Spielberg is the guy making the movie? Those are two of the questions facing the Academy at a time when the expanding use of performance capture has the potential to wreak havoc in the Best Animated Feature category … The performance-capture process, in which a performer’s movements and facial expressions are recorded and then translated by computer into the movements and expression of an onscreen character, has been used to great effect in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ films, in ‘Avatar,’ and more recently in ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes.'” THE WRAP

A stage version of “The King’s Speech” delayed on its path to Broadway: “The play by David Seidler, who won an Oscar for best original screenplay for the film, will have a world premiere production in February in Guildford, England, and then tour theaters in five other British cities through mid-March, according to the producers. A London production of the play may follow, according to a spokesman for the show, and Broadway remains a possibility.” NEW YORK TIMES

Werner Herzog‘s death-penalty doc gets a November release: “After its controversial showings at the Telluride and Toronto film festivals, Werner Herzog’s dark and gripping death penalty documentary ‘Into The Abyss,’ originally scheduled to be released sometime in 2012, has just been moved into the crowded November holiday corridor and will now open November 11th in New York, Los Angeles and possibly a couple of other major cities. The decision was literally forced on distributor Sundance Selects by its filmmaker, who became ‘obsessed’ with the subject matter and demanded they release it now — particularly as the issue has turned into a hot potato due to a recent Republican presidential debate and the execution of Troy Davis.” DEADLINE

Kenneth Branagh discusses playing his idol Laurence Olivier in “My Week with Marilyn“: “He’s an inspiration to all actors because he was so creatively ambitious and he was audacious. And he was someone whose comedic sense was very strong. It’s the completeness of his work that is very inspiring … Sure, some people would talk about Olivier’s ungovernable rages. But he was an enormously passionate man and artist. And with that goes the capacity to care a great deal. I always feel that temper is a natural consequence of people caring and being passionate about what they do.” EW.COM

Will there be another movie version of “Friday Night Lights“? “Connie Britton said a movie follow-up to the beloved TV series, ‘Friday Night Lights,’ is ‘happening for realsies.’ Of course, the Emmy-nominated ‘American Horror Story‘ star added to Us Weekly that a script still needs to be written and schedules straightened out. Something she already expressed in a recent interview with Celebritology’s Jen Chaney: “I actually was talking to [executive producer Peter Berg] about [the movie] last week. I know he really wants to do it. I know he’s had conversations with [showrunner] Jason Katims about it. I do think everybody’s so busy.'” WASHINGTON POST

An epic play about Martin Luther King could be headed to Broadway: “Ambassador Andrew Young, Samuel Nappi, Ruth Hendel and Steven Hendel announced Oct. 6 that ‘Moments with Dr. King,’ a new play about legendary Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., is preparing for preliminary stagings prior to a Broadway production … The new epic play, press notes state, ‘provides factually-based slices of the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from December 1955 until April 1968.  It depicts widely-known historic events as well as more private behind-the-scenes moments.'” PLAYBILL

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