News Nuggets Roundup: Jon Stewart plays Milwaukee; Madonna to play the Super Bowl

Thomas Jane opens up about his past as a homeless teen in an interview with Vulture: “Hey, you grow up as an artist in a big city, as James Dean said, you’re going to have one arm tied behind your back if you don’t accept people’s sexual flavors. You know, when I was a kid out here in L.A., I was homeless, I didn’t have any money and I was living in my car. I was 18. I wasn’t averse to going down to Santa Monica Boulevard and letting a guy buy me a sandwich. Know what I mean?” VULTURE

Sasha Stone takes on NY Times critic Manohla Dargis over the obsession with Oscars: “What I see when I read the comments on this site and talk to people at film festivals is that most people don’t want to talk about the Oscar race.  I saw no sucking the air out of the room in Telluride.  What I saw were people first saying whether they loved a movie or not.  The first thing they do is talk about its effect on them.  The next thing they might do is say whether they think it will be an Oscar player or not.  That is the part that Dargis and her ilk hate so much.” AWARDS DAILY

Jon Stewart brings his satire to Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater: “Seeing Stewart outside the confines of their TV boxes allowed fans to witness some other sides to the 48-year-old comedian, particularly his family-man and sensitive-spiritual-thinker guises. ‘My wife’s Catholic and I’m Jewish, so we’re raising our kids to be sad,’ Stewart mused. For the most part, though, he talked about the need to keep personal religious beliefs separate from the public arena. The common assertion that the United States is God’s favored nation was dissected by Stewart with typical surgical precision: ‘Why did [God] bury all the oil under countries that hate us? He could’ve put it in New Hampshire.'” ROLLING STONE

Three of this fall’s most anticipated shows could end up on the chopping block: “NBC’s ‘The Playboy Club‘ and ‘Prime Suspect‘ and ABC’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’ had two things in common going into this fall. Highly recognizable titles, for once, as they all were based on famous brands. And they all got on the air after 2 consecutive rounds of development. Now they share something else: they all launched to disappointingly low ratings and are staring down the cancellation barrel. How did that happen?” DEADLINE

Madonna to perform the next Super Bowl half-time show: “As you’d expect for an artist with her mass appeal, this isn’t the first time Madonna’s been approached about performing at the Super Bowl. In 1998, it was heavily rumored that Madonna would perform at Super Bowl XXXIII in Miami, only to have the plans fall apart before a deal could be reached. Likewise, Madonna was reportedly to headline the halftime show for Super Bowl XXXV, two years later, but backed out at the last minute.” SB NATION

Terra Nova” did better in the ratings than previously thought: “Despite its modest opening with a 3.1 Live+same day rating among adults 18-49 that came in below expectations, the big-budget dinosaur drama has risen to the No. 1 among all new drama series premieres this season with a healthy 1.0 rating bump in Live+3, bringing its 18-49 rating to a 4.1. That represents the largest L+3 gain for a new drama series.” DEADLINE

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