News Nuggets Roundup: Stoll, Mortensen among Supporting Actor Oscar contenders?

Thelma Adams surveys the field of Best Supporting Actor contenders: “So [Christopher Plummer] has a lock on the deserving geezer slot. [Albert Brooks] may be hurt that there is no ‘Drive‘ juggernaut, same with [Nick Nolte] and ‘Warrior‘ … And then there’s [Viggo Mortensen]: we’ve yet to see the general reaction to Cronenberg’s ‘A Dangerous Method,’ but Mortensen’s is a wily performance and he keeps his clothes on and cravat tied. (Does one tie a cravat?)” THELMA ADAMS

Scott Feinberg on releasing Oscar films in December: “We all know that it is generally imprudent to release awards hopefuls early in the year — though there have been exceptions (most recently ‘The Hurt Locker’), early releases tend to be forgotten and/or drowned out by the end of the year rush, when invitations to screenings and screeners of newer films with fresher hype start to pile up and the strategic challenge and cost of reviving interest in earlier films can be enormous. But why wait until so late in the awards season to unveil a contender?” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Netflix’s list of its most rented titles is full of Oscar-winners: “Netflix’s ten most-rented list of all time (list below) reminds us of the long-tail Power of Oscar. And it should remind Netflix, as it splits its DVD and streaming business and alienates many of its customers who are used to relying on its deep long-tail arcania, that their solid customer base is smart adults, not the great unwashed, something they seem to be in danger of forgetting as they focus on TV and mainstream acquisitions and let smaller movies go.” THOMPSON ON HOLLYWOOD

Nelson Branco announces reforms to the Daytime Emmy procedure: “Did hell freeze over? Well soapers, get your skates out because you’ll more than likely ice-skating it to the Emmys next year. According to several National Academy of Television Arts and Science sources, it looks like next year’s Daytime Emmy Awards are getting a much-needed golden makeover. Does that mean the Daytime Emmys will — gasp! — actually honor the best in daytime? Egads — it sure looks that way.” SOAP OPERA UNCENSORED

Is Corey Stoll a darkhorse Oscar contender for “Midnight in Paris“? “Stoll is on-screen for maybe ten or twelve minutes in ‘Midnight in Paris,’ and it doesn’t matter. He’s definitely the guy you remember for the sly humor and the authority and the wit and what feels like an almost eerie capturing of a legendary man’s man who had a thing for elegant, run-on sentences about being ‘real’ and a worshipper of beauty and being courageous and solemn and separating the wheat from the chaff.” HOLLYWOOD ELSEWHERE

The British Film Institute awards fellowships to director David Cronenberg and actor Ralph Fiennes: “It’s the highest award the BFI can offer. Previous fellows include Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Taylor and David Lean. This year’s ceremony will take place at LSO St Luke’s on October 26. ‘A Dangerous Method’ and ‘Coriolanus‘ will both screen at this year’s London Film Festival, which runs October 12-27.” DEADLINE

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