News Nuggets: What are the all-time worst Golden Globe nominees?

What are the worst movies ever nominated by the Golden Globes? “Congratulations, 2012 Golden Globe nominees, you can hold your head high knowing that you now have something in common with ‘Patch Adams.’ No one can ever take that away from you. It’s quite an honor … You see, the reason the Golden Globes are not the most respected awards is because it’s voted on by a very small group of foreign (ahem) journalists who have been known to be susceptible to, let’s say, (ahem) outside influences that may or may not determine what gets a nomination.” MOVIEFONE

‘Tis the season for Razzie campaigning! “Already, Razzie voters are being inundated with DVD screeners, typo-filled screenplays, and glossy promotional literature featuring unflattering photos of Nick Swardson. The high-school auditoria of Southern California are booked solid for weeks, filled with director Q&As with Bill Condon, Shawn Levy, and Tarsem Singh. (In Tarsem’s Q&As, he doesn’t answer any questions, but is lowered slowly from the ceiling, covered in glittering gold paint, while a dozen centaurs prance on stage behind him.)” GRANTLAND

Suits” SAG nominee Patrick J. Adams reveals the role that almost made him quit acting: “I was fired from [NBC’s pilot ‘Friends with Benefits’] not long before ‘Suits’ happened, and I was really carrying that around with me, that feeling that nothing was really gonna work out and that there was a good chance that I was gonna walk away from the business and call it quits. And then I got this script, and I thought wow, that’s really cool that someone’s writing a character that so fits my state of mind right now. It was the perfect coming together of that.” EW.COM

The Weinstein Company cleaned up, and other major developments of today’s Golden Globes nominations: “On the one hand, TWC led all individual distributors with 12 nominations; Harvey took full advantage of the split categories in Picture and Actress, moving Michelle Williams in for the Musical/Comedy kill. That’s ridiculous by any standard but the HFPA’s and, well, Harvey’s. But at the end of the day, when Williams wins, it’s only small print on the DVD box.” MOVIELINE

Oscar-winner Jane Fonda joins Aaron Sorkin‘s upcoming HBO drama: “Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series about the cable news biz is generating a pretty massive headline of its own: Two-time Oscar winner Jane Fonda is joining the cast in a recurring role that is sure to have conspiracy theorists buzzing, TVLine has learned exclusively … Fonda, in her first major television gig, will play Leona Lansing, the CEO of cable news network’s parent company. She’s a titan and her corporate concerns often conflict with the reporting of the news outlet she owns. Hmm … the character sounds suspiciously like a female version of Fonda’s ex-husband, media tycoon and CNN founder Ted Turner.” TV LINE

ABC’s Emmy-winning “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” has been cancelled: “The network has opted not to move forward with the series in its weekly format, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. ABC, however, will air four special episodes after its current ninth season ends its run on Jan. 13 with its 200th episode. The series, which features host Ty Pennington and a team including designer Michael Moloney visiting and rebuilding the homes of families in need, premiered in 2003 as a 13-part special to 12 million viewers on a Wednesday night, moving to its initial home on Sundays where it became a regular staple for its first eight seasons.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

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