Nuggets: ‘J. Edgar’ trailer unveiled; good week for Melissa McCarthy

Sasha Stone ponders the recent success of female-driven films like “Bridesmaids“: “Because of Melissa McCarthy last night, the box office take, and the true phenomenon that it has become, I think it’s time to start taking ‘Bridesmaids’ seriously. And Melissa McCarthy seriously. And original screenplay seriously. Then again, everyone thought ‘The Hangover’ could make it into the Oscar race but it didn’t.  So who knows.  But I’m willing to be wrong if I’m wrong. I just think that the rarity of it could propel it forth — and perhaps help to kick down a few doors for funny women – funny women who, you know, don’t have to be a size 2.” AWARDS DAILY

Melissa McCarthy continues her Hollywood success by selling her first network pilot script: “The actress-writer and her actor-writer husband Ben Falcone, both Groundlings alumni, have a multi-camera comedy project in the works at CBS. Warner Bros TV, the studio behind ‘Mike & Molly,’ is producing. The untitled multi-camera comedy, which McCarthy and Falcone will co-write and co-executive produce, is ‘about a woman in her mid-40s who has a spectacular midlife crisis,’ McCarthy told me at the HBO post-Emmy bash last night. ‘The show is about what a midlife crisis means for a woman, which is very different from the way it affects men.'” DEADLINE

Matthew Gilbert likes Zooey Deschanel in FOX’s new series, “New Girl”: “And she probably will conquer you, as she has me, by just being so darn Zooey-ish, her innocent beauty hidden in a mess of brown hair, nerd glasses, and personality quirks, which include bursting into song whenever so inspired. Unless you’re adorka-phobic, and suffer from an acute terror of ultra-lovable individuals, you will fall for Deschanel mightily and shamelessly.” BOSTON GLOBE

Ken Tucker thinks Ashton Kutcher is a worthy replacement for Charlie Sheen on “Two and a Half Men,” but he’s not sold on the ninth-season show as a whole: “Kutcher’s performance was good, nearly as poker-faced fine as Sheen’s was … What may have gotten lost in the media shuffle that ‘Two and a Half Men’ has occupied in pop culture over the past year or so is that this is quite a crappy little show. Given the urgency and wildness that Sheen’s departure bestowed upon it, the show lacked these energizing qualities on Monday night.” EW.COM

The unseen and wildly speculated-about “J. Edgar” unveils its first trailer online: “One of the great unknowns of the season (as I’ll get into momentarily with today’s Off the Carpet column) is Clint Eastwood’s “J. Edgar.” Well today, we finally get a glimpse of the film via the trailer at Apple. The first thing of note, naturally, is Leonardo DiCaprio’s accent, which seems to come in and out in just these few minutes. Also notable is the makeup, which I’ve been saying for a while will be transformative and most certainly something to watch for in that race. Finally, I’ve been hearing that Judi Dench gives the supporting performance to watch for, and that seems evident here.” IN CONTENTION

Grammy-winner LeAnn Rimes will release an album of cover songs originally sung by men: “LeAnn conceived of this concept album in which she covers country greats such as Waylon Jennings, George Jones and Merle Haggard, among others as an opportunity to give a woman’s perspective for each song. The entire album has been rearranged and reinterpreted by LeAnn. 20-time GRAMMY® Award-winner Vince Gill, Darrell Brown (Keith Urban, Rascall Flatts) and LeAnn Rimes executive produced the album. Other producers on the album include Justin Niebank and John Hobbs.” BROADWAY WORLD

Propsect Park signs its first two actors to follow “All My Children” online: “Pending a final sign off by AFTRA, the actors who have committed to stay on ‘AMC’ are Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery) and Lindsay Hartley (Dr. Cara Castillo Martin). The first soap actor Prospect Park reached out to after securing the rights to ‘AMC’ and [‘One Life to Live‘] was ‘AMC’ star Susan Lucci. After she ultimately turned down the financial offer, said to be matching her current salary at ABC, Prospect Park shifted its attention to the higher-rated ‘OLTL,’ signing four actors from the show as well as executive producer Frank Valentini who will continue with ‘OLTL’ as it migrates online and will also serve as VP Serial Dramas at Prospect Park.” DEADLINE

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