Nuggets: Rihanna’s new album; Charlie Sheen to appear at Emmys?

Embattled star Charlie Sheen may make a surprise appearance at this weekend’s Emmys: “The pre-Emmy parties have been buzzing about a potential Emmy presenter stint for Sheen, whom the producers for this year’s ceremony identified early on as a dream get. The Emmy Awards air a day before the premiere of ‘The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen,’ and the actor has been doing a major PR blitz for the event over the past week, including appearances on ‘The Tonight Show,’ ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ and the ‘Today’ show.” DEADLINE

What is the recipe for a successful Emmy show? “Good speeches, hot gowns, and a winning host are just a few of the ingredients EW’s Sandra Gonzalez hopes the Emmys will be cooking up for us on Sunday night. Watch her explain in the video below.” EW.COM

Gift suites hit Hollywood just in time for the Emmys: “Gifting lounges have become important marketing tools for companies, and even in the recent gloomy economic climate, the suites open up as a way for established companies and upstarts to gain exposure for new products or reintroductions. In recent years, many have begun to give some proceeds to charities. By giving their products to celebrities as a ‘gift,’ marketers hope consumers will love it enough to use it, get photographed with it, or talk it up on Facebook or Twitter.” REUTERS

Kris Tapley previews “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel“: “John Madden’s latest, ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,’ is set for release. Contrary to rumor, it will stay on its March 9, 2012 release date (especially now that Fox Searchlight has filled its awards boat), but it nevertheless looks like the sort of film that could be a lighthearted awards play next year if they wanted it to be. Maybe.” IN CONTENTION

Daytime Emmy-nominee Alicia Minshew discusses the end of “All My Children‘s” ABC run and what will happen when it moves online: “They basically want to pick up where we left off… If they’re completely capable of doing that, I don’t know. I mean, they seem like really smart guys, because we’ve met them. But, they’ve told us they’re hoping to be on the air by January. They hope to be starting to tape by late November, and they will contact people on an individual basis and let them know what they wanted from them. And that is kind of where they sort of left us. So, again, this is what we’ve been told and it is kind of up in the air at this point.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Rihanna teases details of her upcoming sixth album: “Rihanna has started tweeting details about her upcoming sixth album, including a confirmation of when it will be released. In response to one fan’s tweeted question about when the album is due, she responded, ‘THIS FALL!!!!’ The singer also hinted that the untitled project would include a lot of the dubstep influences heard on her 2009 release, ‘Rated R.'” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Paddy Considine‘s feature directing debut, “Tyrannosaur,” gets a positive reception in Toronto: “‘Tyrannosaur’ is an arduous film, but it is an honest and intuitive probing of a heavy subject. Considine, [Peter Mullan], and [Olivia Colman] also do it justly through their unflinching portrayal. ‘Tyrannosaur’ was met with an enthusiastic standing ovation at last night’s screening: the standing-O one of the few I’ve seen at the festival this year and it’s well deserved.” AWARDS DAILY


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