Nuggets: Top songs of the ’00s; Is ‘Tintin’ Oscar-eligible?

Will the Academy allow motion-capture films to compete for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars? “This year, 3 potential nominees use the Mo Cap process: Robert Zemeckis’ box office bomb ‘Mars Needs Moms,’ George Miller’s sequel to his Oscar-winning ‘Happy Feet,’ and most notably Steven Spielberg’s long-awaited entry into the animation world ‘The Adventures of Tintin‘ (which he also produced with Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy). Based on the Academy’s past actions, it is likely that all 3 would qualify, and it would seem unlikely that the Academy would take on Oscar winners Zemeckis, Miller and Spielberg on this issue, especially since their previously stated intentions have been that they are working fully in the animated format.” DEADLINE

Sasha Stone discusses Melissa McCarthy‘s Oscar chances for “Bridesmaids” in Thelma Adams’s Oscar roundtable: “It’s hard for me to care about the Oscars this year. But every so often a name pops up that sparks my genuine interest. Melissa McCarthy is one of those. I would love to see the SAG and the AMPAS go for her performance.” THELMA ADAMS

Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake among the best songs of the ’00s according to VH1: “While nobody seems to know exactly what to call the first decade of the 21st century (we refuse to say “the aughts” out of an unwillingness to sound like Grandpa Simpson), but it’s certainly safe to start collecting and collating 10 years’ worth of culture. That’s exactly what VH1 is up to with their ‘100 Greatest Songs of the ’00s’ special, which counts down the finest tunes the post-Y2K era had to offer. Last week, we pulled the curtain back on the first 11 songs on the list, and now we can exclusively reveal the full 100 (headed up by Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love,’ which is basically inarguable).” EW.COM

The trailer for “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” debuts: “Meanwhile, Kris Tapley at In Contention was emailed about a test screening for ‘Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close’ – as such, no one has seen it. What Tapley sensed from the exchange was that [Max Von Sydow] could finally be up for an Oscar win for his work in the film. As Tapley points out, Sydow has only been nominated, shockingly, once in 1989 for ‘Pelle The Conquerer.’ Dustin Hoffman won for ‘Rain Man’ instead. He’s never won an Oscar and is considered one of the greatest actors who ever lived.” AWARDS DAILY

Tony Bennett is the oldest person to top the Billboard 200: “The music business is simple! All you have to do to hit Number One is perform relentlessly high-quality material for almost 70 years, never yield to fads or trends, become a beloved pop icon, then fly to studios around the world to make a duets album with Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, John Mayer, Amy Winehouse just before she dies at age 27 and other gigantic superstars less than a third of your age. ” ROLLING STONE

Spain snubs Pedro Almodovar in the Oscar race for Best Foreign Language Film: “Spain didn’t select the presumed favorite, who was two-time Oscar winner Pedro Almodovar with his ‘The Skin I Live In‘ starring frequent Almodovar collaborator Antonio Banderas … It is true that Almodovar has been consistently snubbed by the Spanish Film Academy which makes the selections. The renowned director was bypassed for ‘Talk To Her’ and ‘Broken Embraces’ after actually winning the Oscar for Spain for ‘All About My Mother’ in 1999.” DEADLINE

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