Oscars Best Actor race: George Clooney out front; Jean Dujardin gaining

George Clooney (“The Descendants“) is still holding on to his lead in the Oscars’ Best Actor race, but his support among prognosticators has recently dropped.

One month ago, Clooney had 62% (8/13 odds) support of the Oscarologists polled by Gold Derby. Now he’s at 51% (1/1 odds). Currently 20 of the 30 Oscar seers predict Clooney will win.


Jean Dujardin (“The Artist“) has climbed to second place with 23% support (10/3 odds). Six pundits predict he will prevail on Feb. 26. One month ago, Dujardin was tied for third place (10%) with Leonardo DiCaprio (“J. Edgar“), who’s now dropped precipitously to fifth position with 3% (33/1 odds).

In November, Brad Pitt (“Moneyball”) was in second place with 11% (8/1 odds), but only two pundits predicted he will win. In the aftermath of his recent Best Actor victory at the New York Film Critics’ Circle, Pitt now has 4 of Gold Derby’s 30 Oscarologists forecasting a win, but he’s fallen to third place behind Dujardin.

Michael Fassbender (“Shame”) has climbed from fifth to fouth place. No pundits predict he’ll win, but he’s got 4% support (25/1 odds) based upon where he falls in the experts’ rankings.

Below: how predictions have changed over the past month. See comparative predix charts here. See experts’ rankings here or click image below.


BEST ACTOR Dec. 6, 2011 Nov. 6, 2011
1.) George Clooney (‘Descendants’) 20 votes –
51% (1/1 odds)
George Clooney (21 votes) –
62% (8/13 odds)
2.) Jean Dujardin (‘The Artist’) 6 votes –
23% (10/3 odds)
Brad Pitt (2 votes) – 11% (8/1 odds)
3.) Brad Pitt (‘Moneyball’) 4 votes – 10% (11/2 odds) Leo DiCaprio (1 vote) – 10%
(9/1 odds)
4.) Michael Fassbender (‘Shame’) no votes –
4% (25/1 odds)
Jean Dujardin (1 vote) – 10%
(9/1 odds)
5.) Leo Dicaprio (‘J. Edgar’) no votes – 3%
(33/1 odds)
Michael Fassbender (no votes) – 3%
(33/1 odds)





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