Poll: Can ‘Glee’ win over Emmys with ‘Original Song’?

The “Glee” gang sang self-penned tunes to win regionals on Tuesday’s episodes. And one of these original ditties could well win Best Music & Lyrics at the Emmy Awards.

Last year, Randy Newman won his third Emmy for the song “When I’m Gone” from the series finale of “Monk.” Two years ago, Hugh Jackman‘s show-stopping opening number from the Oscars took the prize. The previous two champs were both saucy songs — “I’m F***ing Matt Damon,” sung by Sarah Silverman to her beau Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night talker, and “Dick in a Box” which Justin Timberlake wowed with on “Saturday Night Live.”

Among the “Glee” goodies were the comic tunes “Trouty Mouth,” sung by Santana to Sam, and Puck’s performance of “Big Ass-Heart” for Lauren. And the self-involved Rachel debuted her ode to self entitled “Only Child.”

While those three tunes do not feature on the latest “Gleesoundtrack, a trio of others do.  Mercedes was in full diva mode with “Hell to the No.” A heartbroken Rachel penned the plaintive ballad “Get It Right” which the group performed at regionals to much applause before launching into “Loser Like Me” which got a standing O.

Vote for the best of the bunch in our poll found to the right of this item.

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