Poll: Did Robert Pattinson really kiss Taylor Lautner at MTV Movie Awards?

Sure, it was a cute joke – Robert Pattinson racing off stage into the audience to plant a smooch on the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” costar he just beat for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. Taylor Lautner was nominated in the same category for locking lips with the same gal as Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, but he lost to the Pattinson-Stewart duo

Lautner’s consolation prize turned out to be something MTV viewers hadn’t bargained for all night while being reminded over and over of the girl-on-girl action in “Black Swan.” Lautner – it seemed – got bussed by Pattinson. But did he really?

When Pattinson pounced onto Launter, the camera angle was from his back. We didn’t see much. When a different camera caught a side view, Pattinson appeared to have his cheek pressed against Lautner’s but we couldn’t see an actual lip lock. When Pattinson pulled away, he kissed Lautner’s forehead, but does that count? Do you think they ever actually kissed on the lips? If so, it wasn’t shown on TV.

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