‘Raising Hope’ star Martha Plimpton reveals origins of Comedy Actress Emmy ‘pageant’ [Video]

Martha Plimpton is no stranger to awards shows, having been nominated three consecutive times at the Tony Awards (2007-2009), and twice at the Primetime Emmys. As one of this year’s Best Comedy Actress nominees for her new FOX series “Raising Hope,” Plimpton took part in a very well-received comedy bit. As their names were called, each contender ran up on stage and nervously clutched hands, pageant style, as they hilariously awaited the announcement of the winner from presenters Rob Lowe and Sofia Vergara

In a video chat with Gold Derby, she recalls that the idea came out of a dinner conversation with fellow nominee Amy Poehler a few weeks prior to the ceremony. “She said, ‘I’ve got it!” Martha pauses. “Pageant! Yes! And we’ll get a tiara, and roses … and we’ll all stand up there, nobody will know what the hell is going on, it will be perfect!” Planning was easy according to Martha because “everybody was so game.” The response from the audience was unexpected. “When everybody stood up, it was one of the most exciting, thrilling, touching experiences of my professional life. I just could not believe the company I was in.”

Now that season two of “Raising Hope” is well under way, Martha says, “the stakes are raised a little more” for her as she is “more invested” in keeping the show fresh and successful. She doesn’t take working on a network television series lightly. “Yes, it’s gruelling, yes the hours are very very long, but the truth is, it’s far more pleasurable doing this for 70 hours a week than it is for a lot of other things.”

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As for the possibility of more nominations, Martha is just happy to go along for the ride. “Listen, any kind of recognition from your peers or people in your own industry is a tremendously validating thing”, she admits. “There are so many actors, and so many professionals, doing such extraordinary work, that it’s almost a shame to have to nominate only a few. Maybe that’s why I feel like, what we did at the Emmys this year was so great, because in a way, we got to sort of honor each other and show each other how much we appreciate one another.”

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