Ricky Gervais drops by ‘The Office’

This week viewers of “The Office” were seeing double. The lead characters of the U.S. and U.K. versions of the comedy series appeared together for the first time, in a brief scene at the start of the show. Steve Carell‘s Michael Scott and Ricky Gervais‘s David Brent hit it off instantly — mostly because Michael was modeled after his U.K. counterpart — and seeing them pass each other in the hallway was a treat for “Office” fans everywhere.

While this marks the first time Carell and Gervais have appeared together on the comedy series, awards watchers have seen these hilarious men together before.

One of their best moments began at the 2007 Emmy Awards, when Gervais won the award for Best Comedy Actor for his HBO series “Extras.” The only problem? Gervais was not there to accept the award. Category presenters Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert instead decided to give Gervais’s award to Carell, who had just lost for “The Office.” The three “Daily Show” friends jumped around on stage, as Gervais was forced to watch at home. At the following year’s ceremony, Gervais took the stage and called out Carell in the audience, saying that he wanted his Emmy. “Look at his stupid face,” Gervais joked. “Couldn’t actually win one of his own, so he stole someone else’s.”

Carell has been nominated for “The Office” five times, but has never won an Emmy of his own. With his work on the show coming to an end this year, it’s his very last chance at a bid in the Lead Actor category. He’s a shoo-in for another nomination, but will he come up empty yet again? Carell definitely has the rooting factor going into this year’s Emmys, and the fact that he’s never won should work to his benefit.

Gervais, meanwhile, has two Emmys on his mantle. Besides the win for “Extras,” he also earned a statue for producing the American version of “The Office” when it won Comedy Series in 2006. The British comic came under fire earlier this month after hosting the Golden Globes, when some viewers thought his jokes attacking fellow celebs were too mean-spirited. Gold Derby readers disagreed, with 42% of them saying Gervais was simply the best.

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