Roger Ebert predicts ‘King’s Speech’ sweep at Oscars

For Roger Ebert, “The Social Network” was “not only the best film of 2010, but also one of those films that helps define a year.” However, he believes it wil lose the Best Picture race at the Oscars to “The King’s Speech.” As he explains, “A British historical drama about a brave man struggling to overcome a disability and then leading his people into World War II looks better to the academy than a cutting-edge portrait of hyperactive nerds.”

He predicts “The King’s Speech” leading man Colin Firth will be crowned Best Actor as “Hollywood loves British history and often gives extra points to U.K. nominees.” And Natalie Portman (“Black Swan”) will waltz away with Best Actress because “she gets to ‘act’ the most, which to the academy, often means ‘act out in emotional displays.'”

For Ebert, the Supporting Actress winner will be “Hailee Steinfeld, who in fact played the lead in ‘True Grit,’ no matter what the academy thinks.”  And Supporting Actor contender Geoffrey Rush is likely to get caught up in the sweep by “The King’s Speech” which will also win Best Director (Tom Hooper), Best Original Screenplay (David Seidler) and Best Score (Alexandre Desplat). 

For Ebert’s excellent analysis of all two dozen Oscar races, visit his website.

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