Showtime to roll out Emmys campaign on L.A. streets

Showtime is adding a new element to its “For Your Consideration” campaign this year by wrapping more than 100 buses in the Los Angeles metro area. These rolling billboards, which debut in early June, will be complemented by the more traditional ones displaying the ads as well. The paycaster expects to generate more than 24 million impressions.

Richard Licata, the net’s EVP of corporate communications explains this innovative movie thus: “As the television landscape becomes more crowded and competitive each year, Showtime strives to find new and inventive ways to reach Emmy voters and invite them to consider our programming at awards time.”

Showtime was the first network to send out full seasons of a series to Emmy voters and to stream them online as well. This year marks the third in a row that it will have a dedicated awards website. And it will be promoting their contenders via both Facebook and Twitter.

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