‘The Good Wife’ vs. ‘The Social Network’

This week, the law firm of Lockhart Gardner took on the defamation case of a software wiz suing the filmmakers who skewered him. The creators of “The Good Wife” — Michelle and Robert King — penned the teleplay based on a story idea by Meredith Averill. The pair picked up an Emmy nod last year for their script for the pilot of this CBS hit.

Oscar champ F. Murray Abraham guested as the lead legal beagle for the studio while Rita Wilson was the lawyer looking to the firm for some last-minute help.

The fictional film at the center of the story certainly mirrored the plot of “The Social Network,” including the contentious issue of the wunderkind seeking to prove himself to an ex-girlfriend. Much was made of the questioning of the screenwriter, who was deposed in a scene straight out of the Oscar contender.

And in an only-on-TV twist, the lawyer doing the asking was played by Josh Charles, the one-time star of  “Sports Night.” That short-lived ABC comedy was created by Aaron Sorkin, who is the frontrunner to win the Oscar for his screen adaptation of “The Social Network.”

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