Third generation Oscars champ Angelica Huston penning memoir

Hollywood royalty Anjelica Huston is writing her life story for Scribner. The publishing house has assigned Nan Graham, their editor-in-chief to the project. In announcing the acquisiton, Graham said: “We read the pages from Anjelica Huston with such admiration and exuberance. She is a writer. Her voice, her language, her sentences, her eccentric childhood are mesmerizing. This is a literary memoir as well as the story of a formidable actress and fascinating woman.”

Added Angelica Huston, “My father once said that interest was the most important thing in the world, and he wasn’t talking about money, but rather the infinite possibilities and choices and patterns we all have in life. In this book, I want to look back at the landscapes that formed me — the exceptional highs and lows I have experienced.”

In 1985, John Huston directed his daughter to a Supporting Actress Oscar for “Prizzi’s Honor.” He had done the same good deed for his father Walter Huston in 1948 with “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.” Huston senior won the Supporting Actor prize after two unsuccessful lead bids (“Dodsworth,” 1936; “The Devil and Daniel Webster,” 1941) and one supporting nom (“Yankee Doodle Dandy,” 1942).

And Huston the son won both Best Director and Best Screenplay for that picture. John Huston contended in seven other screenplay and four directing races, and also had single nominations for supporting actor and picture. His last film, 1987’s “The Dead,” starred his daughter. 

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