Top Critics’ Choice predix scores: Beachum and Pickett

When predicting the outcome of the Critics’ Choice Awards, Gold Derby editors proved to be the smartest kudos prophets on the planet. The top score achieved by our panel of a dozen top journos from the likes of USA Today, Reuters and Entertainment Weekly was 19 out of 25 categories. Two of our editors correctly forecast 21 races: Chris Beachum and Andrew Pickett.

Other Gold Derby editors participating in this roundup: Matthew Cormier, Darrin Dortch, Chris Hine, Rob Licuria, Matt Noble David Schnelwar and Ben Scuglia. See their original predix HERE.

21 – Beachum, Pickett
17 – Schnelwar
16 – Noble
15 – Scugllia
14 – Hine
12 – Licuria

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