Walton Goggins: ‘Justified’ character almost killed off in pilot

Walton Goggins almost never played the character of Boyd Crowder on “Justified” beyond the premiere episode. “We actually had the benefit of having this character killed in the pilot episode,” revealed the actor during the video interview below with senior editors Rob Licuria and Chris Beachum.


As he explains, “When they came to me and asked that I stay on, I thought we had a unique opportunity in this particular case. I wanted to introduce them (the audience) to a completely different person in episode two than the person they met in the pilot.” Boyd’s near-death experience led to a religious conversion that other characters questioned, but Goggins says his character is, “a true convert … kind of perverting that message and putting it in his own box.”

The show recently completed its second season and Goggins received his first career Emmy nomination. He competes for Best Drama Supporting Actor against previous nominees Andre Braugher (“Men of a Certain Age”), Alan Cumming (“The Good Wife”), and John Slattery (“Mad Men”) plus fellow rookies Josh Charles (“The Good Wife”) and Peter Dinklage (“Game of Thrones”).

 Goggins has chosen the episode “The I of the Storm” as his submission to Emmy judges. His character is coming to terms with the murder of his own men at the end of the first season. As he explains, “It took going to the bottom of a coal mine in order for him to get some peace and tranquility. Every single person that comes up to him is disturbing that peace. A gentleman at the very end of that episode pulls the scab off, and Boyd erupts with all this pent-up anger and resentment and hostility and deep grief. Through that action he gets some peace.”

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Starring on FX is nothing new for Goggins. He spent seven seasons as Detective Shane Vendrell on “The Shield,” which starred 2002 Best Drama Actor champ Michael Chiklis. Now Goggins shares Emmy  honors with three of the “Justfied” cast —  lead actor Timothy Olyphant, supporting actress Margo Martindale and guest actor Jeremy Davies. Before he even found out about his own nod, Goggins was excited just to hear about Olyphant.

“I screamed so loud that I woke up my six-month old son, and he started screaming,” admitted Goggins. “I was speechless really. I didn’t know what to think.”


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