Which Best Picture contenders will make $100 million domestically?

Of the 10 Best Picture nominees, three have cracked that mark, another three are on track to do so, one got tantalizingly close and three are fated to fall far short.

“Toy Story 3” made $415 million domestically while “Inception” topped out at $293 million. “True Grit” has just passed the $150 million level and continues to play well after six weeks, earning an average of $2,400 for each of the 3,100 screens it showed on last weekend.

“The King’ Speech” got the biggest boost from the Oscar nominations, drawing an average of $4,300 for each of its 2,500 screens. That added $11 million to a tally which now stands at $72 million after 10 weeks.

After nine weeks, “Black Swan” has taken in $91 million and made $5 million last weekend playing on 2,300 screens at approximately $2,200 per.

“The Fighter” averaged $2,000 at each of about 1,900 screens and has a total gross of $78 million after eight weeks.

Given that it is available on DVD, “The Social Network” still managed a respectable $1,200 on each of its 367 screens. However, its total theatrical domestic gross sits just above $96 million and is unlikely to go much higher.

And time may soon be up for “127 Hours” which took in an average of $2,300 on just over 900 screens and has accumulated just $14 million in 13 weeks.

“The Kids Are All Right” earned just under $21 million in theaters while “Winter’s Bone” took in just over $6 million; both films have been released to the home market.

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